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Why ‘Stylocycle’?
November 18, 2008, 5:42 pm
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The title for the blog was meant to have a tagline, but the layout I have chosen doesn’t permit me to include it. It was meant to say: ‘A woman about town, on a bicycle, with an urge to write’.

Thus the ‘stylo’ — but it’s also a play on words inspired mostly by the fact that when am riding around town I regularly get comments about my bike, or what I’m wearing to ride it, or on the accessories I have for it (the Van Gogh print rain-cover for me seat, or my nice basket, or my saddle-bag, for example).

Last week when I was riding across campus I rang my bell to urge a group of three young men to move to the side of the multipurpose trail so I could pass them. I was wearing a velvet skirt under my herringbone 3-quarter length coat, and had just swooshed by them when I heard one say with a kind of impressed and lighthearted expression, “STYLISH” — with lots of emphasis on the ‘ish’… and so it was that I came upon the name for the blog… writing about cycling with style.

Now, as an academic you might suppose that I would be ‘above’ considerations of style and aesthetics, or other such frivoloities, but here’s how I see it: if part of what prevents people from deciding to bike to and from work, or about town on errands is that they find it impractical to get all suited up in clothes that really don’t fit in with the way they live their lives, with their intended points of arrival and so on… if they don’t have access to showers and change-rooms at work, then style is, in fact, not such a trivial matter after all. The fact that I can get around town, even in below-zero temperatures, and arrive at work in my ordinary clothes, warm and dry and without needign to change out of goofy boots and layers of neon spandex is a central part of why I find it easy to integrate my cycling into my everyday life. It’s not an ‘add on’; it’s not a hassle… and in truth, it’s pretty fun to ride around, getting comments from people who admire my bike, my bags, and the fact the today I’m riding in a pair of 3-inch stacked heel Aquatalia boots, and ankle-length skirt, and my herringbone coat. I admit that my helmet is a little silly looking, but now that there is ice out there, I’ll make a safety concession to the integrity of my noggin. I am, however,  completely lusting after the helmet covers available from

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I just stumbled upon your blog! Thanks for the mention.
I will add you to my blogroll!
All the Best,

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