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Hooray: milder weather, clearer roads
December 14, 2008, 6:12 pm
Filed under: commute by bike, winter riding

Today will be consumed by grading papers, sitting in front of the fireplace, drinking too much coffee, and not going out.

Tomorrow, however, promises to have very mild temperatures, slight drizzle, and clear streets. I know exactly how to dress for such weather, so I’ll hop on the Blue Beauty in the morning, take my completed grading into the office, and then lock up my bike for the day while I and the dear husband head into Toronto. I have stocking stuffers to get that aren’t available out here in the boonies, really want to stop in at both Ezra’s Pound (café) and the Frangipani patisserie, maybe the Summerhill liquor store… each for supplies and goodies to share or give over the holidays.

If I don’t come home in the car with the dear husband, I’ll give him the key for my bike so he can pick it up, and I’ll take the Greyhound home on my own later. Unfortunately, my dear friend from here in town is away on holidays so she can’t accompany me; it’s something from Ezra’s Pound that I’d like to get her for Christmas…

Tuesday will also be a cycling day, and maybe Thursday as well.

I’ll take pictures of the roads, the scenery, and whatever I wear for my little jaunts about and between town.

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Ezra’s Pound, Frangipani and Summerhill.. I want to be one of your friends and get presents from places like this! Drool… enjoy your outing. I love running about town picking up delicious things:)

And good luck with the grading of papers. I am off to write one about the Dubliners in the context of ‘the city’. And, I totally misplaced the Benjamin paper that was to serve as the cornerstone of said paper. Curses!

Comment by miss sarah

Ah… Dubliners… among my all-time favourites. I think I’ll remain besotted in a melancholy way with ‘Araby’ and ‘Evelyn’ forever. I hope you will really enjoy writing the paper.

Comment by stylocycle

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