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February 5, 2009, 3:03 pm
Filed under: winter riding
The People Have Spoken *

The People Have Spoken *

Alternate boot view

These are my preferred boots for winter riding. I bought the boots a few years ago at a local shop called “Loop Clothing”, a place where the owner aims to sell lots of Canadian brands, with no sweatshop manufactured goods, and good environmental production records.  Anyway, I thought the boots were cute in a dorky way that is completely unlike the usual footwear I lean toward (Stuart Weitzman is my #1 shoemaker).  Anyway, turns out that these boots are not very good for me for walking. The bottoms are too flat. However, they are GREAT for winter riding. That rubbery bottom with the multiple ridges is great for staying on wet pedals and for gripping the slick asphalt when I am at a stop. I like that the boots fasten on the back of the calf because it means I have better wind protection up front. And with the rounded toe, there’s room for a footwarmer in front on the really cold days.

Of course, I haven’t been on my bike for three weeks because there has been so much snow that our 4 lane roads are down to 2 lanes, and our residential streets are down to about a lane and a half. Snow banks outside my house can go as high as the second story on houses in my townhouse complex….. AAaaaAAAAaaaand: even the cleared roads often have a few inches of compacted ice and snow on them.

So… how completely thrilled do you suppose I am to hear that for the next week we will have above zero temperatures and no snow in the forecast? I’m ecstatic! I am really hopful that I’ll be able to ride my bike to work again starting on Monday.

That said, some things about winter have been just gorgeous this year, so I’ll leave on a high note and post a nice winter snap I took while out cross-country skiing.


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