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The promise of spring
February 8, 2009, 5:38 pm
Filed under: around town, winter riding

Today’s entry will direct your attention to the website of the Sabletine bakery in Waterloo, newly added to the links on the side of my page. I’ve been terribly excited about this bakery since its establishment was announced in the summer of ’08 and its opening that fall. I tend to measure the quality of a pastry chef by the quality of the simplest things s/he produces: croissants, baguette and a pain-au-chocolat. In this case, the owner/chef’s simplest concoctions are lovely little masterpieces. Her croissant and pains-aux-chocolats are crisp on that first outer edge, then sweet (bt not sugary) and tender through the inner layers. The quality of choolate matters too, and the chef at Sabletine uses lovely Belgian semi-sweet in the fillings.

And so it was that with the first thaw I and my dear friend M. thought first of heading to Sabletine. It’s probably about a 6k ride to the bakery from my house, and it’s an especially nice ride because I can choose to get there with a combination of side-streets, winding sloped roads, and park trails. I crossed the Laurel creek on the university campus, and went around the big lake in Waterloo Park, peddaled past the llamas who were pawing at the grass under the snow in their pens, and then wound my way through the Uptown area looking to see what everyone has in their windows… I stopped at the nice little organic grocer and replenished my dry herb collection, and then continued on my way. I like to fold a variety of little stops into my end-goal, partly because I like those encounters with the people who run and work in the shops. Having little chats along the way makes me feel more as though I live ina community of people, and works to battle that sense that contemporary life is all about getting most quickly and impersnally from A to B.

Yesterday’s riding weather was a little bit… uh… mercurial (!), and ranged from brightly sunny to quite misty, so I wore my running tights under my skirt, and my London Fog rain coat, and my cute little capthat I bought last year in Dublin. And because they are made from patent leather, I wore my Fluevog boots with the enamel heel — materials that resist the damp and clean up easily.

Sure enough! just when I was parking the Blue Beauty by the little grocery shop a woman coming out stopped to remark on my fabulous boots, and to marvel that I was wearing them while cycling…! And in the slushy weather! But, of course, with my skirt guard and chain guardbig fenders and panier, I wasn’t actually messed up. People continue to be boggled.

From left to right below: leaving from home, parked at Sabletine, the pastry case at Sabletine.


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