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Ice Blue and Too Much to Do
March 1, 2009, 3:24 pm
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We have hit that stage of winter: roads are reasonably clear, and there is very little snowfall. Temperatures, however, are downright cruel. The sky is ice blue, and the sun shines and it all looks lovely from the vantage of my office window at home. However, I’m avoiding going out as much as I can and intend to growl at anyone who informs me of what a gorgeously sunny day it is out there. I have to ride through very sub-zero temperatures for much of the coming week before I can get to a fairly pleasant ride on Friday when the mercury is supposed to go to a whopping +I will also be staggering along this week under the weight of adjudicating several dozen conference proposals, and the completion of my edited collection (now in absolute final stages).

And just when it seems like I’m going to have some breathing room on my horizon, my textbook company has written to tell me that they want the next edition of the text for January 2011, which means startign the updates this summer in order to complete 14 chapters by next July 1. And, oh yeah, then there’s the intent to do a published collection of best papers from the conference, and the development of a big research grant.

And in my immediate future:

Development of a medium sized research grant

Supervision of two graduate theses due for completion this summer

Co-organizing this specialized topic research conference

Teaching a senior seminar on overload

new course development for our core graduate seminar

And all the advising of the lost students who wind up in my office in dire need of help

A lot of the work is satisfying, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t work.

I’m really going to have to take up another aspect of cycling — which is the cyclng for pleasure (by which I mean: without a destination), and not only as a built-in feature of my daily life. Surely I find my commute soothing, calming, and paradoxically envigorating, but I need to do something that isn’t aimed at getting to work or from work.

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Wow, you got a lot of work to do. I sometimes go on recreational rides on the weekend. That’s nice cause there’s less traffic and I can also discover new routes. One of the best things is to ride with a friend, especially when it’s possible to chat. Unfortunately, not many people I know actually do cycle or even have a bicycle.

Comment by anna

Yikes! Hope you’re able to find a non-work use for your bike. Like Anna, I enjoy riding with friends, but it’s hard to find someone who cycles. There are a few little antique stores within a mile or so of my house that I putter around in sometimes, but it’s not much of a bike ride. By the way, I love the basket/pannier on the bike in the masthead — is it yours? and if so, where did you find it?

Comment by Trisha

Hi. Yes, I absolutely need to do more pleasure riding! I plan to do some tomorrow, in fact. Thursday is an ‘off campus’ day for me, so I think I will go to work in the library of ‘the school down the hill’. It’s lovely and sunny in their library cafe and when I want a break I can go visit dear spouse in his office and maybe ride home with him at the end of the day.

Thanks for the comment on the panier! I love it, and bought it at curbside cycle in Toronto. You can see more oftheir basket samples online if you click the link in my sidebar. I use that basket all the time!

Comment by stylocycle

Do many of your friends bike? I find it so much fun when I’m making plans with friends who also bike, because you can all show up on bicycles, go have dinner or something, and ride around together afterwards! It makes me feel like I’m 12 again. In a good way.

Comment by miss sarah

Hi Sarah;
Unfortunately, though many of my friends in a previous life were bike couriers, that was a lifetime ago and a few moves ago… I have two friends who like to go trail riding on big mountain bikes on out-of-town excursions, and ZERO friends in the city who ride for pleasure.
I hope that will soon change, as I know two women who have received OMA bikes this year, so maybe, maybe…
Anyway, I’m about to head out on my bike… to get a nice big latte, and read the papers I’ve been meaning to get to.

Comment by stylocycle

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