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Time may change me…
March 10, 2009, 4:19 pm
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Just because I’ve been going through old albums and found a series that i could construct to take us from about 1990 to the present. Yes, my hair is crimped in the first shot. Yes, I have knee-high lace up boots on. I think someone said there was no way I could be in the shot if I insisted on wearing my fringed, buckskin jacket. That same person was likely insisting that I be in the ‘sibling shot’. Ah, well, it’s a record that I was once a bonafide goth. And these were the clothes I’d typically wear to ride my old Norco bike around town. 😉

It’s Christmas in California… I think I’m 22, and I’m watching my half-brother’s step-kids open presents.  I’m also trying to avoid touching my brother who is taking up way too much space. Interesting.


Next shot… spring 1993 I guess. I’m 25. That wee baby is now 16 and 6’2″. Obviously, I no longer had time for crimping, or wearing 5 lbs of bangles, boot-chains etc. But look at that ADORABLE baby! The blue sheet was there to protect the ivory damask sofa from baby splaps. The gray clothes were also better for hiding baby splaps than all black clothes were.


Next: Easter, 1994. The kid is a little more than a year old. On this particular day I took the most spectacular tumble (in that dress), with the baby in my arms, and managed to roll all the way around him, without his body every hitting the floor when I tripped on the over-sized chocolate bunny his great grand-parents had just given to us, and which I had dropped mid-step. That’s my dear spouse kneeling beside us. Goth boy. My vampy goth mom clothing is a funny contrast to the Catholic iconography over his grand-parents’ sofa, non?dscf1494

And so we come to the present. I console myself for the march of time with a new hat to wear in the spring when it’s still too brisk to go without when I’m out and about. Dear spouse loves the hat. Giant boy thinks his mom is a dork. I love that the hat is kinda cute, and won’t blow off my head when I’m riding. And hey… my predilection for black is punctuated by the new blue scarf for spring. The black coat, however, is waterproof, so it will remain as my main riding coat for the wet season. It also has a removable liner for dealing with temperature variations. This was my look for heading to work by bike yesterday.dscf1497One of my goals for spring is to try to find more cyclists to take pics of. I’m getting bored of me, even though my commitment is to demonstrating that you can dress in ‘normal clothes’, stylish slothes even, to commute by bike.

Anyway, lots of work to do, so I should get back to it. Today my commute is between my desk and my espresso maker. Today I grade.

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I love your style! Looking forward to your photos of other stylish cyclists as well 🙂

Comment by RidingPretty aka Shelly

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