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ZOMG! spring?
March 13, 2009, 1:26 am
Filed under: Get outta town!

Ok… spring is not going to arrive tomorrow, but I see a week on the horizon in which I can punctuate work with dawdling around town on my bike, stopping in here and there to see what’s happened while I’ve been stuck with my head down in work. The weather should be stable at about 8 celsius through all of the coming week.

Nice things to look forward to:

A trip to the big city to shop at the St. Lawrence Market. Shopping will be followed by an afternoon in High Park at an open mic session where my lovely friend (who goes all the way back to 6th grade!) will be watching her charming husband run the show. My own dear spouse may even take the guitar I gave him for his b-day a few years ago and join in on the open mic.

A second trip to the big city to see friends who moved away to Thunder Bay a few years back but who are coming to Toronto just to see Gehry’s modifications to the AGO. As members, dear spouse and I are dying to go eat at the re-opened AGO restaurant (no longer the AGOra, but now ‘Frank’ — but still the same chef). We love the new interior spaces at the AGO, and I’m in love with the permanent installation “THE INDEX”, which you can see here if you scroll down the page a bit.

Also on the same day: a trip to CURBSIDE CYCLE to get a new seat for the Blue Beauty… I haven’t decided yet on exactly which one I want, but definitely a nice wide saddle, and leather, with somewhat less stiff spring-shocks than are on the seat that came with the Blue Beauty.

Here’s the seat I think I want.

The end of classes, and time to see other friends (once the grading season is over. Oh Gawd. Will it ever be over?? Please tell me it will be over.) Yeah, yeah… I know I have a ‘sprummer’ course to teach, but it’s online… so less performative and, thus, less stressful.

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Yes, spring is near and I’m hoping for more nice weather (temperatures are still low here and it rains every day). Nice saddle btw, lovely old style ;-).

Comment by anna

Thanks Anna; one of the cool things about Curbside is that they have all their seats set on posts at their service desk so clients can try each one on for size. I really like the fit and motion on that particular saddle. I just want to go try it out one more time before I settle on that one.
I’m going to try to fix the link later and add a few others because I want folks to be able to see some images from the new AGO.

Comment by stylocycle

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