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Well seated. Thanks Greyhound!
March 25, 2009, 11:00 pm
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I had some errands in Toronto yesterday and so took the opportunity to pick up my new bicycle seat to replace the one that came with the Batavus (and which I’ll transfer to my old Trek to take it up north this summer for trail riding). The seat that came with the Batavus is itself comfortable enough, but the springs are a little rigid and the roads here rather more than pocked and pitched, so I could really feel it in the tuckus.

I went to Curbside Cycle as I intended and ended up settling on the Brooks seat because the Lepper seemed actually to be too softly sprung after years of people testing it out in the shop. Keep in mind folks: this is the last seat I intend to buy.

This is the seat I bought, though I took the women’s model which costs rather less than the men’s because it is smaller.

I also took some pictures of the very stylish new bikes that Curbside has in for spring:

Rides that look like sweets.

Rides that look like sweets.

I also stopped in at the Frangipane pattisserie to get some nice things for my students to sample — comparing *food* to that stuff we get in the mass-produced market, that destroys our earth and can sustain neither our bodies nor our souls.  The lovely owner at Frangipane was happy to oblige my desire to take some snaps of her creations. Her pâté de fruit shaped like butterflies and bunnies made me cry they were so delightful, but I gave all the remains away to my students today so that they could taste something so divine as a fruit sweet made from nothing more than gelatine and puréed fruit, set and crusted with a little sugar.

Frangipane's delights

Frangipane's delights



I also had the good fortune to be able to meet up with my dear friend, Michele (with one ‘l’), who had flown in from Thunder Bay. I haven’t seen her since flying up for her wedding 3.5 years ago, but we do stay in touch. It was really great to hit the AGO with her and see what I think will be a very controversial art installation. We also wondered in and through and pondered at length the permanent piece I wroter about before: The Index. I’m glad that one is permanent because liek many of the pieces in the Thomson gallery, I want to visit it again and again.

Here is the lovely Michele:



Yesterday was a perfect day. And I got to and fro courtesy of Greyhound Canada. If I can’t get from a to b on the Blue Beauty, I’m more than happy to take a seat on the bus.

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Your day sounds delightful! And likely much like the ones I’m going to be having when I’m in Toronto next week for spring break:) My friend works at curbside, and he’s fabulous. But, you must give me a line on where these fantastic bakeries are. Oh, and how is the weather? What shoes should I be bringing?


Comment by miss sarah

Hi Miss Sarah!
Frangipane is at the corner of Dupont and Madison (1/2 block east of the south-east entrance of Dupot subway) . If you arrive there prior to 4pm you can hop across the street to Ezra’s Pound for some lovely coffee. Frangipane also makes lovey coffee, but I like the ironically dozey character of Ezra’s (and it reminds me of a charming little cofee shop in Amsterdam that my friend took me to for several lovely breakfasts).
I think we are in a season for ordinary walking shoes. Sown is gone, and days hover between 5-10 C., but rain is coming, so bring along a collapsing brolly.
Cross your fingers for me about good weather in the city. I’ll be there again on the 2nd to see my cousin and her daughter who are flying in from Edmonton. We’re going to hit the AGO together. My membership is really getting a workout!

Comment by stylocycle

Love Brooks, especially in honey! Enjoy!

Comment by dottie

Hey, the “bikes that look sweet” are the Pashley tube riders! I’m currently looking for a new bike and I fell in love with them yesterday (online).. But haven’t made up my mind yet. Unfortunately, the lack some essential equipment (especially lights and rear rack), and I don’t know where to get these bikes in Austria..

Comment by anna

Hi Anna;
Yes, those are the new Pashleys. I also would not actually find that these bikes would suit my needs, largely because of that high, arched cross-bar… but they sure do look sweet! I’ve no doubt that for some riders, those will be just the bikes that get them back on the road. For me, the Blue Beauty (my Batavus Old Dutch) remains my perfect ride. I’m also loving my new Brooks seat — no regrets about that purchase.

Comment by stylocycle

Those sweets look amazing. Very jealous of the Brooks; I’m going to have to save up for one soon. Hadn’t seen those new Pashleys yet. They are striking looking but like you, I’m not sure that arched top tube is something I’m looking for in a bike.

Comment by Trisha

Hi Trisha — ’tis true about that curved frame, hunh? I don’t really understand the rationale when the step-through frames work so well. I’m of the ‘if it ain’t broke….’ school of thought on bicycle design. Obviously, however, I did find their shape rather comely…. I just don’t see it being for me. I think it’s only for those who ride to be seen going to a precious gelaterie or some such, but not for someone who will ride in inclement weather, without a thought to how cute she may be at that precise moment. (I know: that sounds mean), but I’m seeing too much marketing and not enough commuting in these bikes. It’s my inner 16 year-old girl that is besotted with them.
I am adoring my new saddle. I think it was really sweet of my grandmother to give me the better part of the cost for Christmas specifically so I could go buy a saddle. My gramma knows that I’m doing what I can to stay principled, stay out of cars, and keep active in the small quasi-urban area where I live.
Hooray for this Thursday — I’ll be back at the AGo and at the Frangipane… and I’ll be getting some kind of baked good rather than confection this week. And then I won’t be back to the big city for about a month… 😦
I’ll have to find more good places here to ride to I guess.

Comment by stylocycle

That sounds like just about the perfect day.

Life is too short to make do with less than a comfortable saddle.

Comment by Karen

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