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Cycling Plans for May
April 12, 2009, 4:48 pm
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In 20-some years of living in this province, with only brief interruptions to do residency requirements elsewhere, and with 9 years in the S/W Ontario region, I had never been to Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Things have been dreadful here with the teen-aged boy — who seems to want the perks of living at home (money, someone else to cook and to clean, toys, expensive bike parts, vacations etc), and none of the responsibilities (regular school attendance, general sobriety rather than general imbibing in one thing or another, general helpfulness at home) and who tends toward the “If I don’t get what I want I’ll punch a hole in the wall and then complain that we live in a shitty house”.  Most of this behaviour has developed in the last year, and the worst of it in the last few months. We are stymied. And exhausted…

So yesterday we ran away from home and went to Niagara-on-the-Lake for the day. We went to the new Olson Bakery and Winery at the Ravine, poked around the town a little, and hit a new winery, Hidden Bench, in Beamsville.

Things I love about the Olson bakery:

1. One or the other of the Olsons is always there. In our case, it was Michael Olson working the floor, the counter, the cash while we were there. What a nice and committed man he is. Celebrity chefdom has not made him even the tiniest bit pretentious.

2. The commitment to local produce, cheeses, cured meats etc. We bought two local, artisanal cheeses, and a package of 16-month prosciutto… and intend to share information with friends in town who have opened a créperie as their post professorial retirement business.

3. That they carry food grade lavender and rose petals and rose water. I bought some of each because I haven’t found it anywhere else!

4. That they bake their breads in outdoor wood-ovens whose hard-wood smoke wafts over the grounds most invitingly.

5. That Anna Olson’s galette pastry tastes like a combination of shortbread and shortcake.

6. That their servings are not too big.

7. That their BLT sandwich is actually a salad.

8. That they provide lap blankets for those who wish to sit outside even though the weather is still chilly.

So: we want to go back, and we want to take our bikes next time. Getting there any other way than by car is not possible from here without about 5 bus changes that go out of the way before getting there. But we can put our bikes on the rack, and go back… ride around the wine region, through the little village, and along the waterfront… and I am really looking forward to doing that in May.

We will also go back to see the series of 10 one-act Noël Coward plays that they are mounting this season. I love me some Noël Coward.

So… some links lieu of pictures:

The Olson

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Great comments on your trip to Niagara-on-the-Lake! Not sure where you live, but you can take your bike on VIA’s Bike Train from Toronto, see for details.
Enjoy the weather, Janice

Comment by Janice

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