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A Fine Spring Day
April 16, 2009, 1:13 am
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While running some errands downtown (picking up an antique bracelet I was having re-strung, getting some farm eggs…) I saw a charming woman riding a pretty (and pretty vintage) bike. I was too shy to ask if I could take her picture, but when she stopped into the same grocery I was going to, I snapped a shot of her bike. It reminds me of the bike in de Beauvoir’s Le Sang des Autres, Clearly the owner has added a new seat and a pretty little basket for upfront. Very nice indeed.

On my way home I noticed in the woods beside the multi-use trail that the crocus flowers had started to peak out from their leafy beds. I adore the little crocus: so tiny and delicate and yet with the temerity to come out when we can still have inches of snow fall on us.*

* I hope my mention of it does not invoke a nasty spring blizzard!

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First of all, I really enjoy your very unique blog and writing style. I agree with your comments about why people don’t question the price of this or that status mobile but price I might pay for a bike. My experience with car ownership has been that they are largely money-pits and their “fun factor”, pretty short-lived.

Comment by Karen

Thanks, Karen, for your kind comments.
I like to read your blog as well. To be honest, I’ve been reading ‘academic’ blogs (mostly about moving up the academic ladder, and about everything that is wrong with academe), and those blogs were just starting to make me feel really cranky. I really prefer reading the thoughts of those of us who are taking up the challenge to live a little differently, a little more gently, a little better… it’s helping my disposition greatly.

Comment by stylocycle

Love your concept and photography.

Comment by vintagebikesaustralia

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