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Sunday Brunch: Salade Niçoise de Thomas Keller et son “French Laundry”
April 19, 2009, 5:52 pm
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Working to maximize my sense that at the very least Sundays are for puttering, and not for imbibing moreworkahol, I set out this morning to make a salade Niçoise based on Keller’s adaptation in his French Laundry cookbook. I didn’t have fresh herbs or frisé lettuce on hand (and I wanted to do with what I had as much as possible because I don’t like to buy new lettuce when I already have tons of other greens that need eating). Alors, instead of frisé, we have a variety of sprouts with deep-fried capers (the little buds blossom into crunchy, salty flowers!), toast points, olive tapenade, quail eggs with cayenne pepper, and tuna ‘carpaccio’. My favourite cayenne pepper was found, oddly enough, in Dublin while I was on sabbatical and I purchased 2 boxes of it when I was last back. One box I have frozen, and the other I keep in an airtight preserve jar (the kind with the spring-loaded latch). What I like about this cayenne is that it has lots of ‘zip’ without any bitterness or chalky woodiness; it is piquant and sweet. Unfortunately, the purveyor, the Green Cuisine company from the UK does not ship to Canada. I may have to ask my friend to bring me some in May when she comes to visit from Bristol.

I find it endlessly ironic and amusing that I found the best cayenne ever in Dublin! It’s counter intuitive, non?

Anyway, here is a shot of our brunch.

Thomas Keller would cut the tuna on perfect circles, but I didn’t want to waste the edges and had no plans for a tuna tartar dish in the next 5 hours.

Tonight, while I fiddle on my course website for an online course I’m teaching this summer, I will also be simmering a fois-gras in a homemade chicken stock so that I can proceed from there to make a proper torchon for consuming on Wednesday.

Unfortunately, there can be no cycling around town today as we have to go out of town for dinner with the in-laws.

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