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My cousin’s daughter and her new trike.
May 3, 2009, 10:26 pm
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Cycling is for everyone, and I mean everyone.
One of my areas of study is in disability, and I used to wonder about my politics of movement and environmental awareness as it applies to those who have some form of physical difficulty that would prevent them from navigating on two wheels. Cycling is so very fun, and it allows so much freedom, requires no fancy motors, but two wheels can be a real challenge if you have poor motor skills, or poor balance. Also, just because a person may be shorter than average should not mean that he or she has to ride a child’s bicycle.
Enter the tricycle. I saw some photos last year on Copenhagen Cycle Chic that showed people with disabilities on adult-sized and styled trikes, and I remembered that we have trikes here too!
Trikes are über cool, super practical for getting from a-to-b and carrying your stuff, or getting new stuff… and you don’t have to worry about your balance in order to ride.
About a week ago my cousin came to visit me with her two daughters. The youngest daughter, E. is 15 and had a variety of physical challenges that make it pretty much impossible for her to use a bicycle, but I gather that she realy admired my Blue Beauty, and now she has one of her own.

Teen-aged freedom on 3 wheels.

Teen-aged freedom on 3 wheels.

Yay E.! There are so many more places you can go now on your super new trike! And I love the checkered shoes (which remind me of a year spent living in California when I was myself about your age)!

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What a great tricycle! I was adirming a couple of trikes at Braun’s Cycle when I went to check out their bags. Their baskets can carry so much without interfering with steering.

Comment by Lisa

Great site, how do I subscribe?

Comment by Kelli Garner

Hi Kelli;
Welcome and thanks for the kind comment. I’m not sure how you subscribe, but I think a few readers have done, so maybe one would be kind enough to let you know how. I’m away on a conference right now and don’t really have time to check into the tech details for readers until mid-week of the coming week.

Comment by stylocycle

I plan on having a trike similar to E’s when I no longer have the stamina to balance the Blue Beauty. I think they are a great design. Though it’s true that I have heard that E. has taken a few spills on badly pot-holed parts of roadway, she continues to ride all the time.

Comment by stylocycle

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