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That’s a great bike!
May 11, 2009, 3:04 pm
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I was in a super funk the other day. It was a ‘mean reds’ kind of day and we lack a Tiffany’s Jeweler in this town, so that’s not available as an antidote.
I put my little basket on the back of the Blue Beauty and pedaled down the road to buy some white chocolate and sugar for some crazy ‘banana splits’ I was making. I also stopped in at my local Starbucks (which is the best coffee source we have in this part of town) to get a nice big Americano, and while I was locking my bike — using the super-handy integrated wheel-lock — a young woman walked up to me and said, “Wow! That’s a great bike!”

We talked at some length about the really super things about the Batavus:

The powder paint that makes it rust resistant.

The wheel lock that makes it so convenient to lock up for a quick stop.

The ability to ride with a straight-up posture.

The completely enclosed chain that avoids getting salt or sand or other yuck in the works.

Being able to ride with an ankle length skirt on if I want.

The generous rack on the back for storage.

The 3-speeds that make it great for commuting around a town more hilly than much of the Netherlands.

And the fact that the folks at Curbside will ship any bike here for anyone who can’t get in to Toronto to pick up one for him/herself.

At the end of our little chat I was no longer in the middle of a mean red funk. My outlook had turned to a sunny yellow, and the world seemed gentle again. No Tiffany’s required.


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I always feel so appropriately evangelical when I have conversations like the one you described:) Bicycle conversion is sweet!

Comment by miss sarah

Yes, conversations like that are just so fun to have. Now, if only I could get a nice little pâtisserie/cafe at this end of town everything would be perfect. Sometimes 5.5 kms is farther than I want to go for a coffee.

Comment by stylocycle

Cool post. You spread a little bike sunshine and brightened your own day, as well. I don’t know whether the person you were talking to was already a commuter but perhaps you made taking the leap a little more realistic. I honestly think that when someone sees me biking in heals and looking happy someone in his or her car gets closer to trying it him or herself.

Comment by Karen

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