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When boys forget to be surly
May 26, 2009, 1:59 pm
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Yesterday afternoon I had a little party to attend for a friend’s birthday, and even though I really have not been feeling very sociable recently, I decided to pull myself together and go.

Riding down one of the residential side-streets, I passed two boys about 16-17 years old and also out riding their bikes (hybrids, of course). As I passed by one boy said to the other, “Whoa! I gotta get one-a those!”

I smiled to myself because my own teen-aged boy is torn between embarrassment and pride about my bike. He has occasionally sneaked it out for his own use, and his friends all think it’s really cool (especially the leather seat), but to my face he’s pretty jerky about it. Underneath the jerk, though, I figure that he actually thinks that it would be cool to have a nice, big, stylish commuter bike for himself. Maybe in his 20s he’ll get one of his own to get to and fro in his day-to-day life. At 6’2″ already, he’s unlikely to ride a bmx forever. Right? Right??

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No BMX, definitely not. I think that once your son hits his twenties he will rediscover your cool factor. Although I don’t have children, whenever, at 46, I feel out of touch with my cool factor I put on my JCrew city fit capris and feel all better. Plus they really go with my bike.

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