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Dammit, dude! You need a horn-ectomy.
May 29, 2009, 5:36 pm
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Since my espresso machine shorted out this past week, I’ve been riding down the road to the local ‘bux for my mid-morning latte, and it’s mostly an uneventful little ride of no more than 750 metres. But lately, even with lovely spring skies that ought to make anyone feel sunny, there have been some aggressive wankers overly attached both to their gas pedals and their horns. It never occurs to them that I might be going plenty fast enough at about 36 km/ph, or that I might be entitled to my vehicular position, or that maybe I might want to hit the left-turn lane in just another 30 metres or so….

Nope. Buddy (whoever it is that day) has to honk at me.

And you know, I *know* I’m supposed to be an embassador for slow cycling, and behave nicely, sweetly etc. but frankly, that just goes against my nature. And these days I’m missing the old me who would have smacked buddy’s trunk with my massive kryptonite lock. What this means is that a few aggressive asses have been saluted by my middle finger this week.

Am I proud? Not especially. But neither am I penitent.

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Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done against such idiots. Sometimes I wish I would have an even loader horn than them (which really exists for bicycles), but then again I am worried that I would use it too much myself and that the people living there don’t deserve the extra noise either.
Well, I simply try to ignore such aggressive drivers. Just if they start shouting at me that doesn’t work anymore and I get really angry. I don’t use my middle finger though, but sometimes indicate that they are nuts by waving the back of my hand (I don’t know if this expression has a proper name or even if you use that over there). Not good, I know. I work my behavior..

Comment by anna

Sister! Tell me about it. Because of where I live and my job I really have to keep my mouth shut about a lot of really irritating BS. Instead, I have to be sweet and put on the vacant grin of a high school cheerleader. Except for the monster trucks and Hummers where I live, it is a pretty bike friendly place. Unfortunately, it is also a gun-friendly state so I have to suppress my desire to use color language and hand gestures when people pull out in front of me or needlessly honk when they pass me. This past week I thought using my bell before pass a man on the urban trail might seem a bit more pleasant than me yelling “passing on the left”. No, he yelled at me. Nice.

Comment by Karen

Well, I remain remorseless, even if, while threading silk hydrangeas through my panier today I was also trying to find my resolve to smile sweetly next time.

Riding all over town today with my sweetie did wonders for my sense that the world is a better place by and on bicycle. We did a combination of multi-purpose trails and vehicular riding today, and nobody honked or tried to shove us over. Perhaps that it was a lovely and sunny Saturday had something to do with it.

Comment by stylocycle

There’s nothing like an idiot leaning on his car horn (do you still call it a klaxon in Canada?) to ruin the serenity of a leisurely bicycle ride. I do most of my riding in NYC on an old English 3-speed, and for the most part I try to ignore the road hogs (so long as they don’t nearly run me over) but sometimes I wish I were carrying a ball-peen hammer to smash their rear window and then make a hasty escape.

Comment by Capateto

Welcome Capateto — and thanks to everyone for comments on this post.

We only refer to the horn as une claxonne in the province du Québec, so I’ve only heard the Anglicism in reference to some distant past.

I am feeling more cheered today after having arrived at convocation on my bike in my regalia (like a younger and female version of Mr. Chips). It was a great lark! I shall do it again at Friday’s ceremonies.

Comment by stylocycle

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