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July 8, 2009, 8:59 pm
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Selling house.

Looking for new house.

Riding the bicycle makes me happy, but not happy enough to stay living in a neighbourhood I hate.

Selling the house, however, requires that we keep it looking pristine. And 5 showings in the 2 days it’s been on the market mean that we keep having to be out of the house….

But folks… wish me luck on the house I really want. It’s a smidge closer to work, in a neighbourhood that is more vibrant by day, and has things to do in the evening, and is crazy-quiet at night. It’s walking distance to many friends, and on all the good bus-lines. And if the stars will just cut me this one little break, I’ll be much happier than at present.

I think I’ll go for an evening bike ride tonight for no reason other than to do it while people are poking around my current house.

All the 60-somethings love where I live. I am 41. I moved in here almost 30 years too soon…. well, honestly, I think that even at 60-something this won’t be where I want to live. And never again will I let someone who does not have to live in my house determine where my house will be.

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Hang in there, we’ve just made a very similar move and it’s made a big difference. Keep us posted on how you do…

Comment by Andy in Germany

It tough to be in a neighborhood you don’t like. Trying to turn my neighorhood into something that feels like a community but it’s hard – very car and truck oriented, I am afraid. I lived in an older urban neighborhood for years. I owned a small Victorian cottage. Close to work, the drug store, a movie theater, plenty of pubs and restaurants . . . I really loved the lifestyle. Knew most of my neighbors by first name. It can be tough to find a neighborhood vibrant urban neighborhood that is super quiet at night. I’ve found a little night noise is the price I paid for living in a neighborhood with lots to do.

Comment by Karen

Well, we lost the house we really wanted. Someone offered 10k over the asking price. So… we are moving along to aprivate sale about 1km the the west.. meaning still walking distance to our friends, to up and downtown, and right on the Iron Horse Trail, a multi-use trail that cuts the cycling distance to about 3km for each of us to arrive to and from our respective campuses.

Of course, as we get ready to get out of here, our space looks more and more lovely inside, and I have not to be seduced by the fresh paint, newly levelled counters, and re-laid patio stone etc. etc.

Walking around our neighbourhood today reminded us of just how lonely this area is for us. I have to guard myself against becoming too besotted with this new house that we will see tomorrow. It’s about 80 yeares old, and as I’ve said, the location is lovely. If it just has a dry basement I’ll be swooning.

Wish us some more luck Wish us offers on our current house, and not to be threatened with a bidding war on the other one.

Blue Beauty and her rider want a new home.

Comment by stylocycle

Good luck with your search, real estate is so brutal. I try not to take things personally… but it’s hard when you’re shopping around for something that determines the way you live! We also recently moved (last labour day). It was totally impulsive. The market was just at a low point and we were walking the dog and discovered our dream neighbourhood (with many of the perks you’re describing) was within reach.

I do not envy you having to clean so frequently. Feeling self-conscious about your toothbrush on the bathroom counter… that level of detail is not sustainable!

Comment by miss sarah

Thanks Miss Sarah! the housing saga continues. The higher bidders had their deal fall through because they didn’t like whet the inspection revealed (but which I was already aware it would do). So they dropped their bid way down, and now it’s back to us. The only cathc is that we have to have our place sold by August 6th in order to lift the condition of sale…. ‘cuz the sellers on the other house are being really aggressive.

Anyway, the house is on a street with a name like a character out of a Jane Austin Novel, and so we say things like “Miss ‘x’ is so flighty. Who knows who she will marry? I’m sure we won’t know until the very last page of the novel.”

Meanwhile, we had our first open house today and lots of people came through and all but one adored it. I’m very pleased that people always comment on how beautifully decorated it is because the majority of my furniture is from garage sales. I have one arm chair I bought at a little mom-n-pop furniture store that was going out of business, one cabinet made by a local furniture maker, and one reading chaise from a furniture shop, but *everything* else in the house if from a garage sale.

Sadly, lots of folks seem to want to buy the MG that’s on blocks in our garage. Would that I could sell it, but it’s not mine to sell. It was given as a gift (without our parental permission) to our son by his grandparents. Arg.

Comment by stylocycle

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