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July 28, 2009, 12:28 pm
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It’s been a ridiculous month but I finally have a minute to say that it looks like the Blue Beauty will soon have a new garage in which to live — which means we are getting a new house! We sold ours yesterday — for a little less than we could have had if we had more time to wait. Our house has only been on hte market for 3 weeks. However, this offer that we’ve accepted is as firm as they can get (no need to seel a house on the buyer’s end), and closes August 28th… meaning we can get out of Dodge when we want.

We also ended up back to our first and favourite house after the bidders who had outbid us turned ’round and changed their minds over two minor inspection issues (it needs a sump-pump, and some joist bracing in the basement). We knew about these things in advance…. so, there we are.

We were a little bit uncertain yesterday as we stared at an offer about $4000 below what we’d hoped from our bidder on round two, and about 8000 below what our real esate agent said we could easily have — if only we were able to wait a little longer. …So while on a walk with an out-of-town colleague so that we could stretch and talk ‘reearchy stuff’, we walked to the house we are buying… walked through the local cemetery and around the local streets, found it to be quite cloes to a main colleague’s house so far as walking distance goes (making it also close to many other friends and colleagues), and then later in the day Dear Spouse and I went back to the neighbourhood and we noticed a number of really great things:

1. The man who stopped to make sure that we were not breaking in as we peered in the windows of ‘The New House’ made us aware that people in the neighbourhood look out for each other.

2. The mom-n-pop convenience store own talked to us about the neighbourhood and said he liked it quite well, and only had minor problems from the kids in the summer, but nothing that he thought was a big deal.

3. Around the corner, when we wandered up to see another house listed for sale (a back-up? just in case?) there was a man sitting across the street on his veranda, probably within 5 years of us in age. We noticed a “Powered by Bullfrog” sign on his lawn and paused to admire their front bed growing all manner of herbs and wild flowers. Instead of scuttling inside the way people do here, he immediately came to say hello and we likely talked to him and his wife for about 10 minutes. They were LOVELY!.

Our conversation led to

4. Knowledge about the community farm just around the corner, and a B&B that has its own small farm garden just around another corner from us. We also learned that on the street between The New House, residents hold a twice annual street party.

We really did feel as though we hd finally found home.

With about 5 main bus lines just a few hundred metres away, and being walking distance to the train and out-of-ton bus stations we feel that we’ll be very connected. We even envision giving up the car at some point.

We’re only about 300 metres from a locally owned grocery store, and a pleasant biking distance to the Kitchener Farmer’s Market (and while it’s no St. Lawrence, we might go sometimes — like in winter when we don’t want to battle bad weather to get into the city).  And at just over 3 km door-to-door for my workplace, and about 4km for Dear Spouse, it’s a lovely biking distance to/from work.

I’ll likely be silent again for a good while on the blog as we pack like mad to get out of here and into there! Oh! the boxes of books! Oh, the too-many-sets-of-dishes. Wish us luck.

ps: the international conference that I and two colleagues co-organized was an incredible success! Now we have to shake-down the budget to get all our accounts paid out. And we need to send our keynote and plenary speakers their honoraria… Once that’s done, I will really want about 3 months in which I do not think at all about organizing anything.

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How great about your sale and your new house. It sounds like you’ll have everything you could want in your new digs.

Comment by Karen

Thanks, Karen! We sure hope it all gets completed with ease. My big job for today is to go to the basement crawl-space and start packing/clearing out those things that have been stashed there. Ick.
Meanwhile, I’m putting up a new link to the Little City Farm — the one that will be in our new neighbourhood if all goes as planned. Check out the link. I wish there was a link for the community garden as well, but there isn’t. That said, I think I’ll definitely join next year (again: assuming all goes as planned).

Comment by stylocycle

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