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August 7, 2009, 10:59 pm
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We are confirmed! We move in 3 weeks.

Now the packing, and the getting-rid-of-stuff begins in earnest!

And we already have house guests planned for the day after move-in to sit on our covered veranda and drink prosecco with us.

Things are looking up.

It’s ironic that my posting has been so slim and infrequent during the best cycling weather (really, the cooler summer means that biking is always very comfortable), and I expect that it’s going to stay slim for a while as there is SO MUCH TO DO to get out of here on the 28th. And I have barely any time at all to separate move-day from the beginning of term, and the delivery of my *new* grad course in core theory. So: hyperventilation seems to be my new mode of resiration.

Wish me luck!

I promise that there will be pictures of the new neighbourhood soon!

Meanwhile, check out my new sidebar link to the Little City Farm B&B!

While you are doing that, I’ll be trying to figure out if we can switch to Bullfrog power (a higher concentration of clean energy production using a combination of wind generated power and clean hyrdo power [rather than environmentally invasive hydro]).

We are also considering non-salt water softener, so if anyone has any recommendations I’m all ears. We are looking at the Watts One Flow system but something about the marketing tells me “hocus pocus”. Thoughts??

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Luck! Moving can be overwhelming, but I always feel great after I purge a bunch of unnecessary stuff in preparation.

Comment by dottie

Happy Moving…Wishing you lots of GOOD LUCK!

p.s. You’re my kind of ‘green’ gal, I’m so interested in your energy decisions. Also non salt water softening?, I will need an education.

Comment by RidingPretty

Hi! I’m sorry it’s taken so long to reply. If you see my new post you’ll know that we’ve only just become functional int he new house and have a long way to go yet! The water softener … it’s actually a ‘conditioner’ — which means that, technically speaking, the water retains its same mineral hardness. What our system does is use a nano-technology in a medium inside a tanke to smash the calcium to smithereens, making it impossible for the calcium to form lime-scale. No more scale build-up in pipes, appliances, kettles etc. The great thing is that you get to keep the good minerals in your water, and avoid that desecated feeling that comes from bathing in hard water. The system uses no electricity, and needs changing only once every 5 years, and was cheaper to install than a regular salt-softener. Ours is a WYATT ONE-FLOW, but there are other similar systems out there. It makes no noise, and has a very large carbon filter attached so our water has no nasty chlorine or other treatment chemical taste. We are really happy with the decision.
we’ve also moved down to an 18.5 cubic foot fridge. We store less, have an oddly more spacious cheese and deli meat drawer, and a bottom-mount freezer so it’s really energy efficient, and does not encourage food hoarding. We do have a cold-cellar in our new home, so we have lots of room for root veggies and preserves.
The one thing we could not give up was a towel warmer so we’ve just gone out today and purchased our replacement. They use the same energy as a regular lightbulb, and prevent the need for much towel laundering. Really. No damp icky smelling towels… they get dry and we can avoid loads and loads of laundry. Plus, we now have the freedom to use a drying rack in our yard. Yay for no more condo rules!

Comment by stylocycle

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