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September 23, 2009, 3:32 am
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In our old ‘neighbourhood’ I used to say that every time we drove or entered through the gates into the subdivision a little piece of my soul would crystallize, break off, and fall into the cavern of my chest cavity. By contrast, in my new neighbourhood, I feel that even if I’ve had a challenging day (and today was challenging), that my soul receives a transfusion each day. I was able to start out today by walking about 15 minutes to arrive at my favourite patisserie (Sablétine) to get a rustic fruit tart and a café-au-lait to go before hopping on the bus for short ride to campus. I landed on campus secure with my tart as a mid-day snack, and with a coffee that was just right temperature-wise for drinking. I didn’t bike to work today because I had to meet someone else later for meetings on the edge of town. Bleh.
On the way home this evening, feeling a little overwhelmed by the meeting, I met dear spouse uptown and we had an Italian hot chocolate at the Princess Café, stopped in to see our friend Al (who owns LOOP clothing), and then (inspired by the aromas at the café) stopped in at the Seven Shores café to pick up some of their organic, local produce: red peppers, a collection of yellow and red grape tomatoes, and onions. Today was customer appreciation day at Seven Shores — which we didn’t realise until we got there — so they had all kinds of free food, coffee, tea, and live music. People of all ages were gathered there, infants to the very elderly, listening to music, and enjoying good company. It was a really lovely and gentle, if lively, place to be.
Once at home, I tossed all those vegies into the oven along with a nice little zucchini and some left-over raosted potato-squash, tossed in oil and lots of garlic and fresh herbs from my planters. I roasted it all until it was soft, threw in some crispy bacon pieces and sautéed shitake mushrooms and then tossed the whole thing with some pasta and topped with some freshly grated Parmegiano Regiano. FANTASTIC.

But the real highlight of my day was that while I was outside using the manual push mower to finish up the grass, yet another neighbour stopped to welcome us (!!!) to the neighbourhood. We chatted for about 10 minutes, and it just made me feel so delighted. Everyone we meeet knows about our house because it was on the market for a while and had a few open houses… so I accept that a lot of neighbours have been through the place, and they also have a good idea of what we paid for it.  So they comment on how pretty our place is inside. “Yes,” I agree with them,”but the best part is the neighbourhood.”

And I mean it.

Also, when I ride past men down here, they say things like “Holy Moly!!”. Oddly, it makes me smile just as much as when strangers smile as I go by on the Blue Beauty.

I keep misplacing the camera-cable, but when I locate it again, I’ll upload pictures of local Hallowe’en decorations. Living by a cemetery really ups the ante.

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Thanks for the update on your new neighborhood and your commute. I am envious and miss living in a dense,older, urban neighborhood where homes are gathering places for family and friends rather than investment properties to be flipped for something bigger and better. Your comments about the US culture are right on and I am close to giving up hope our citizenry has the emotional maturity to look at reconsidering our prioities. Until recently, we had a VP who publically stated that Americans should not have to sacrifice their way of life for safety and now healthcare reform is dying on the vine because insuring coverage for all (at a time when we likely have a real unemployment rate of 16%) would lead us down a godless road to socialism. Sometimes I’d like to hop and my bike and pedal all the way to Quebec. If your family imigrated from Quebec is it any easier to get Canadian citizenship??

Comment by Karen

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