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A book launch — for me! — or: letting the world come to me.
October 3, 2009, 2:31 am
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Wow. I don’t have the coordinates yet, but I’m just gob-smacked in the most happy way that a lovely person I met over the summer is so keen on my work that zie’s arranging a book launch for my new collection to take place early in the new year. The venue is to be determined, but we are aiming for a place that welcome both general community and academic community folks. There are some obvious candidates, but until we have the details settled, I won’t name potential locations (as that just seems inappropriate for a fairly public place like a blog). What I am just blown away by is the sheer number of people who want to see a formal launch (you know, with wine and cheese and books for sale, etc.) happen and who are helping to do the coordinating.

I am really very blessed.

It’s only too bad that I’ve spent most of this week in bed with the flu and haven’t been able to get out at all. I’d love to be riding around town in the crisp autumn air.

Ah well, at least I’m fortunate enough to have the world coming to me!

Anyone who is interested in the book I’m all excited about launching can check it out here:
Critical Intersex on Amazon

or directly at the publisher’s site, here (where you can download selections from the book):

On a completely unrelated note, I modified a recipe from the NY Times tonight and made tomato-cheese eclairs (made my own pastry, made my own cheese filling from blue cheese, pecorino and pressed yogurt with a hefty amount of garlic), and roasted plum tomatoes in olive oil with sea salt and rosemary. Oh. My. God. Yum. I highly recommend this as a side, as an alternative to salad, or as an amuse-bouche for parties. The original recipe and other similar ideas can be found at: A Hearty Appetite

I love that my new neighbourhood has a family-owned grocery that is a short walk away and permits me to do these culinary experiments on a moment’s notice.

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Congratulations on your book!

Comment by Sox

How fantastic!

Comment by RidingPretty

Thanks folks. And welcome to Sox — thanks for reading.

Comment by stylocycle

Just a little tidbit I found today which I found strangely interesting, bicycle escape and all.

Comment by RidingPretty

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