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Fall down. Go boom.
October 18, 2009, 10:41 am
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Not me. Just the Blue Beauty.

We had a nasty windstorm about a week ago, and while BB was parked outside, she was blown over and landed so hard that the front brake lever was snapped in half. I’ve since had her all tuned up for winter and the lever repaired, but now I’m thinking about getting one of those double-sided kickstands with a base (kind of like what I’ve seen on a few Pashleys). So I’m hoping readers might have some suggestions. BB is heavey, but also can catch the wind because of the coat-guards on the rear wheels, the saddle-bags and front panier, each of which can function rather like a sail in the wind.

So, readers? Any thoughts?

I’m also taking suggestions on favourite riding gloves. It’s been frigid here for the past week, and I’ve been wearing gloves, but I’m thikning that this year I want a better solution than last year (in which I put neoprene and goretex riding gloves on over my slender dress gloves for 2 layers: one warm and the other waterproof). But if I could please find for this year something stylish that is also warm and waterproof in *one* pair, I’d be thrilled.

Again: taking suggestions.

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Regarding double-sided kickstands: If you don’t mind ordering online (and if U.S. Amazon will deliver to Canada) here are two affordable candidates that should do the job nicely:

Can’t really help you with the gloves, though. I’ve yet to find a pair that are both elegant and sufficiently warm. Technical gloves like those sold by Pearl Izumi may work, but they look more appropriate for the lycra-sporting zipsters and would probably seem out of place gripping the handlebars of a graceful Batavus.

Comment by Capateto

Thanks so much for the suggestions! I’ll try to find a domestic supplier for the kickstands.

I’m thinking that I may look in vintage shops for lined leather gloves….

Comment by stylocycle

Lined leather gloves ought to work out nicely. I guess the key is to bundle up at the core more than you really need so that your hands and feet don’t feel the chill so much.

Comment by Capateto

There is at least one vintage double-sided Raleigh kickstand on right now. Perhaps that would work for you?

Comment by Deborah Merriam

Well, I don’t know how much you’re willing to spend on elegant gloves for cycling, but if price is no barrier, you may want to consider these (too pricey for me, by far):

Comment by Capateto

Capateto — those town gloves are charming, and appear to be quite sturdy and, so, might be worth a steep price but it seems that they are currently unavailable and, thus, remain without a clear price on the company website.
Given that I don’t drive, don’t pay car insurance, or taxi fares, or gas, or parking fees *and* that I have a policy abut taking care of hands and feet that translates as: “I’ll happily wear a $2 dress from a thrift shop, even if it mayn’t fit perfectly, but I won’t buy cheap and/or ill-fitting footwear or gloves,” I may investigate further.
Thanks for the idea.

Comment by stylocycle

The apparently will become available again at the ned of this month and are offered by one online retailer for US$170.

Comment by Capateto

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