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Autumn Respite
October 27, 2009, 11:13 pm
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The weather has been remarkable for the past few days: neither rainy nor frigid, but very pleasant: just cool enough for riding to be pure pleasure. I have a few routes to and from work now, and on my Tuesdays and Wednesdays, I always break up my ride with a stop for a café-au-lait at my favourite patisserie. It turns the ride into 2 8-10-minute sections with a little socializing at the mid-point. It’s a very civilized way of doing things.

I’m also enjoying some respite from the three (!) rounds of viral illness that have hit me since we moved house on the last week-end of August. I think that since moving I’ve been sick about 50% of the time…. so being out and about on my bike feels really great.

Among the things I’m enjoying doing on my rides now is surveying the residential architecture in my new neighbourhood. It’s largely folk victorian, but I’m fascinated by the various additions people have put on to their houses, and by transformations of what used to be summer kitchens into full-year kitchens. I like to look at people’s gardens; there is a general movement afoot to get rid of grass, and to plant perennial beds on the boulevards in front of the houses. I’d post pictures, but I’m not comfortable posting shots of *other* people’s homes.

I *will* post photos of the new quasi public space that forms the commercial courtyard at the base of the Bauer lofts up the road from where I live. The project is more than 2 years overdue, so there’s been much anticipation. The region’s best specialty grocer will finally be able to move into the new space, and there will be a florist as well. But there’s also what promises to be a moderately sized piazza type courtyard in the middle that is accessible and useable space for all who go into the shops, i.e.: it’s not just for those who live in the lofts. I like that.

When they have it officially opened, I’ll post some shots of that. I hope the view will be suitably autumnal and not positively hibernus.

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