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This Indecision’s Buggin’ Me
October 28, 2009, 2:39 pm
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I had a big post… but deleted it.

In the writing and deleting I decided that I prefer to spend my afternoon today prepping for my son’s 17th birthday tomorrow than to set myself up for an emotional tear-down with him at a therapy session scheduled for this afternoon.

I’m not biking across town in the rain to get emotionally and mentally pummeled. He can work out his own stuff. I’ll bike in the rain to get the provisions to make his birthday a better one than he’s anticipating. Why? Because even though he is beastly, I am his momma and I love him. They tell me that’s the parent’s burden in the teen-years: to love someone who hates you. Sometimes I wish I could be just a little more “Animal Kingdom” about it and beckon the hyenas. But when he’s sleeping, I go all Robert Munsch… and love him forever. Arg.

I wish that we could do as they do in Sleeping Beauty and put all teenagers to sleep for 100 years and have them awakened only at the point when there is someone else to step-in and take care of them.

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Finny: on this side of the world I’m working with teens and I (of course) get the other side of the story. Mind you. I’ve discovered that whan they start on the ‘No-one understands’ it’s probably their fault.

I’m a tad nervous about what happens when my own three become this age…

Comment by Andy in Germany

I tend to pretty generous toward teens and their angst, especially because I grew up around a lot of boys who had been summarily ‘thrown away’ by mothers who were ambivalent (at best) about mothering, were on their own, and frankly, were pretty up their own behinds.
My kid admits that aside from living in a crazy wealthy part of town as the child of decidedly *not wealthy* parents, he’s had a pretty good life with parents who love him and so forth.
So maybe there’s hope?

At least there’s public transit to have helped me through my day’s errands. So I know have surprise Galibier for b-day boy’s breakfast, fixin’s for his favourite: my sacher torte with 1 lb of chocolate, 1 C four, 1/2 lb butter and 8 eggs and a cup of cranberry sauce. Mmmmmm. I also have wrapping paper for his gifts, and a card that made *me* cry when I chose it. And I did it all on *one* busfare. No parking hassles, no gas, no thoughts of other drivers…
Now I go to bake!

Comment by stylocycle

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