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December 16, 2009, 3:37 am
Filed under: winter riding

So… I was not as careful as I ought to have been when I set up my new front-mount basket. I lost the rubber seal that prevents steel from slipping against steel, and decided to hitch up the basket anyway on the rationale that I was heading for the bike ship anyway to get a new tail lamp. At the shop, I reasoned, I’d buy and install a new piece of rubber. Between my house and the bike shop, the basket wiggled its way downward and severed my dynamo lamp cable. So… now the bike is in the shop to get the cable repaired.

Seems I’d also managed to fray my gear cable somewhat, so that’s getting repaired as well.

But I also have an exciting new addition to the bike (provided that the fit is correct): winter tires! My ride across town today convinced me of the need for tires meant to handle winter riding, so I’m getting the full deal: metal ice spikes in the treads, heavy chevron/diamond patterned treads, thicker rubber… each tire is $65.00 and it’s easy for me to balk at that kind of sticker price. However,  the dear spouse frequently reminds me, “The bike is your car; it’s OK to spend money on maintaining it.” OK.

So: new lamp wiring for front and rear.

new tires for front and back

repaired gear shifter cable

Will probably cost me about $150-$170.

That’s about what I would otherwise spend on transportation for the Jan-Feb period (in my pre-Batavus days), and the tires will take me through to the thaw (usually end of March). I’m going to call that a good deal.

I’m also coveting a pair of vintage style motorcycle goggles for riding in winter. Hello? It’s my birthday soon! I hope someone is paying attention!

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