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December 17, 2009, 2:37 pm
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My workplace is changing for the better for cyclists.

One of my colleagues in another department focusses his research on community level organization for environmental projects. He’s an all season cyclist, and a commuter cyclist. Through his efforts, a campus cycling committee was formed, and because of that group’s work we are getting designated winter parking on campus for our bikes. That means that at least 3 racks placed around campus will be kept clear of snow all winter.

We will also be getting a covered parking area for something in the range of 20 bikes between or near the arts, business and library buildings.

Other promises in the works:

Being able to use the athletic facility showers (for those who haven’t yet discovered that commuter bikes are better for getting to work than mountain bikes are). And hey, there’s merit in remembering that if you can make the old thing work for a while longer, that’s an evironmentally sound choice. — Aside: I’m one of those people who questions the wisdom of gutting a house just to do ‘environmental upgrades’ for things that still work (like toilets, flooring, lighting, and wall coverings). That is, if your current fixtures work well, it makes little sense to throw them into landfill to get more ‘efficient’ lightbulbs, and plumbing, or ‘sustainable’ flooring, or eco-friendly paint. I’m all for upgrading when it’s time, but I resist the green-washing push to buy more more more in the name of saving the environment.

That was a long-winded lead in to say that in getting my commuter bike, I kept my mountain bike for use in the country… where it makes more sense as a means of transport and source of entertainment. It’s not landfill, and it gets used now at least as much as when it was in the city, in the garage most of the time. We don’t get away very often to our country place.

Anyway, the long and short of it is that we have a growing bike-commuter community in town, and that’s very exciting.

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