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A Decade is Concluded
January 3, 2010, 4:00 am
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Enough of the question of whether 2010 is the last or the penultimate year of the decade. If we begin at zero and count up until we have one, we do not reach one until we have completed all the parts. (The concept is easier to grasp with 100ths of a percent in which 100% = 1.0).

My post really isn’t about the path, it’s about movement… from there to here.

On December 14th 1999 I deposited my dissertation and prepared to defend.

My father died unexpectedly, in Mexico, on Dec. 29th 1999. It will sound like blasphemy to those who didn’t know him, but ’round these parts we like to observe that the man simply knew he wasn’t built for the next century, never mind the next millennium. So he hit his punch-card and clocked out.

I defended the dissertation in the spring, moved in the fall to a full course-load but a part-time faculty gig.

Parlayed my way into a full-time gig, and then into a tenure-track job.

Published my dissertation as a book.

Co-wrote a textbook.

Edited an international collection.

Made some amazing new friends around the world.

Took my son to France, Italy, Ireland and Spain.

Got my Irish citizenship.

Moved to the suburbs… and fled them.

Bought a great mountain bike to replace my crappy mountain bike… stopped riding but had my whole approach to riding altered while on a research trip in Amsterdam.

Converted back to year-round cycling.

Lost myself in my work for too long.

And in this coming decade, my goal is to find my way back to a real life. Cycling as part of my everyday life is central to that mission.

I want to:

Convince my spouse to get a city-bike.

Go on a bicycle tour of the Niagara wine region.

Go on a bicycle tour in Europe… maybe one every two years or so.

Spend more time cooking.

Keep less stuff in the fridge. Except for cheese. The cheese stays!

I want to write more slowly, with less concern about whether the result will be good for my next promotion.

Spend more time with my grad students, to help them develop.

Spend more time with friends. (I love that we now have the kind of deck that begs for al fresco dinner parties).

The last decade has been about movement, more faster, upward…

I want my next decade to be defined by a different kind of movement, and it’s a trajectory toward the more humane, connected, and community oriented.

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