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Good Bye to Gramma
January 9, 2010, 10:10 pm
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My grandmother died this morning around 6:00. We were phoned at about 5:50, but our drive takes about 45 minutes and so I missed her actual passing. She was not alone, however; her two palliative nurses stayed with her.

I will miss her dreadfully. To keep a grandmother until one is old enough to require bifocals oneself can lead one to the fantasy that Gramma will simply be there forever and ever.

Good-bye my sweet, sweet Gramma.

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Sincerely, I feel for your loss. Strangely, but very appropriately I connect with you in inexplicable ways. Suffice it to say Grandmas are so very sweet, and yes I so well agree with you on this. My thoughts are with you.

Comment by RidingPretty

Thanks so much. It’s nice to know that, whatever the reason, there are connections we can make to the broader world ‘out there’. I love my little bicycle blog community; it’s one of the things that gives me comfort, inspiration, and optimism, all in one package.

Comment by stylocycle

I’m sorry to hear to hear about your grandmother. You were lucky to have her with you as long as you did. You no doubt had some wonderful times together as adults and have those memories to help you through this time. Take care.

Comment by Sox

Very lucky, indeed, Sox.


Comment by stylocycle

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