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Look at what I bought my sweetie for his birthday
January 27, 2010, 2:38 am
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The Batavus Fryslan Heren. It is currently on sale so that it falls below the provincial cut-off for sales tax exemption.

Now when we ride together, it will be easier because our bikes will be more compatible. For him riding will be more comfortable than on his 17 year-old Hard Rock mountain bike, will strain his damaged knee far less (if at all), and will allow him to ride about town in all his dashing glory.

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Sweet! I’d love to get one of those for my husband but he is determined to get a triathlon bike.

Comment by Karen

Well, DS has found that a squash injury translates into having to be a far less aggressive cyclist. That is: no more crazy cycling at top speed up a hill in 21st gear. I’m pleased because now we will be able to ride along together much more happily. He’s pleased because the Fryslan is an elegant commuting bike to get him comfortably to and from work.
The health and socializing benefits will be numerous. Can hardly wait to pick it up on Saturday.

Comment by stylocycle

That is one sweet ride!. Lucky hubbie!

Comment by Sox

He’s most deserving. He’s pretty much given up the car — tho our adolescent son seems to have it on most days because he works until late at night at the other side of town, so for the time-being we still have the car as an expense. But in our new centrally located life, we walk more, bike more, and take public transit all the time. I can hardly wait for him to be riding this beauty. He’s put in more than his fair share of time on his old beater-bike.

Comment by stylocycle

[…] Look at what I bought my sweetie for his birthday January 20104 comments 5 […]

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