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February 18, 2010, 2:39 pm
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But things will pick up. Mostly I’ve been working in the house for the past week, doing things like writing the new edition of the textbook. That is neither exciting to describe nor to watch, yet, oddly enough, it’s a pretty lively book in the finished product. Funny that, but it makes for poor blogging.

Dear Spouse is on a conference in the interior of BC. He texted me last night to tell me that it was 9 C. when he landed. Rotter!

I think I am going to dream of returning to my home province all the way to my retirement. That’s another two decades of dreaming for those who are counting.

The winter bicycle riding study planned for our region seems to have been shot to hell by the cancellation of the grants required for a cooperating institution to supply the GPS units. That means that here in town we have a student assistant who has been paid to co-ordinte the riders, go through the preliminary ethics clearance with each, and then watch a whole of nothing happen. As a professor in the social sciences, I can say that I really am glad not to be that student’s supervisor; it’s a boatload of disappointment when you have your problem, your population, your design… and then the whole thing stumbles on a technical problem.

I’m thinking we should go low-tech as riders and simply draw out maps of our preferred routes, most travelled routes, and ideas for improved routes, and send them in to the study group. It won’t track our real-time behaviours the way GPS studies would have done, but it would still accomplish the task — and we can assume that because it’s in our best interest as riders to be accurate that the degree of ‘pollution’ in results would be low.

What else have I been doing? I’ve written most of the eulogy that I’ll deliver at my grandmother’s memorial and interment in April. I am almost ready to write the closing — which has to do with my belief that the claim “people are complicated” is usually delivered in some weak effort to excuse the inexcusable, but that when I say my Gramma was ‘complex’, I’m thinking about all the layers of steadfastness, shyness, fortitude and fragility that combined to make her one of the softest, most gentle and fiercest supporters of friends and family that I will ever know. It would be a very good thing if all of us could aim for more of that complexity/depth and less of the “complicated”.

Anyway, errands beckon so it’s time to get on the road. Blue Beauty will usher me about town today, and I’m excited to have the reason and the time to ride all over town.

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