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Cross-country and muscles unused for too long
February 28, 2010, 9:34 pm
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In honour of work avoidance, the last day of the Olympics, and our one really good week of snowfall this year, I went out for a cross-country ski today at our local conservation area.

Boy! Not doing something for two years (last year we had *too much* snow and too much going on with the teen-aged boy) really demonstrates how much one needs to cross-train. It’s great that I go cycling and all, but the 5 k loop that we did this afternoon really brought me in touch with body parts that cycling just doesn’t work much.

I think that I’ll soon have to set up a better arrangement in our ‘mudroom’ so that I can actually do yoga regularly again — partly for some upper body strength, and partly to stretch *out* the muscles that can get kind of bunchy from cycling: the hamstrings and quads in particular. I also really need some work on the adductors because I think cycling isn’t really working that inner thigh area much at all.

When the spring roll around I’ll be able to throw my yoga mat out on our lovely back deck, but until then I need to figure out how to throw my mat down in the mudroom and find a space between about 12 pairs of boots, the rotary iron and the kitty litter…

Yeah, you can see my challenge. Eventually my office will do just fine, but for now I’m sharing that space with spouse — until Boy moves out on his own in about a year… at which point we’ll build a murphy bed into that room so he always has a place to return to while leaving my spouse a working office of his own.

Anyway, I’m glad I stole a few hours in the woods with friends and worked out some muscle groups that had gone into hiding. Shortly, I’ll run myself an epsom salts soaker tub and relax.

For now I’m enjoying a nice French press cup of coffee, reading over a really fabulous PhD dissertation that I’ll be the external examiner on in Utrecht in May, and am about to put on the beef for a slow cooked stew to be served with rapini and potato gnocchi.

By tomorrow there won’t be sufficient snow for any more skiing, and the season only opened last week, so I’m feeling really grateful for my stolen afternoon.

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Finally sitting down to catch up on your blog and so happy to see you’ve been Xcountry skiing! I can Xcountry a couple of time a week near my house, sometimes straight from work. This was my first year and it is an amazing workout. Now that the snow has receded and I can bike again I appreciate not being quite as out of shape as I otherwise would be. We’re expecting 2 – 4 inches this week at least. Not enough for 7000 ft but it should keep the higher elevation packed for another few weeks.

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