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Aside from cycling instead of driving…
March 14, 2010, 10:28 pm
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…there are other things we can do to make urban living better, cleaner, safer, more congenial.

Here in my new neighbourhood we have a nearby community farm. I’m not likely to join the community farm simply because I know that my running around kind of lifestyle can take me away for periods that are harmful to plants.

So, this year we are ‘donating’ a sunny portion of our backyard to a local urban farming group, Urban Harvester. In exchange for the use of a portion of our backyard, we will receive a share of the vegetables they grow there, and an organization that can’t itself afford to buy land nonetheless gets to harvest enough freshly grown food from gardens located around the city to take that food to market where it can be sold relatively cheaply.

Everybody wins.

Market shoppers get locally grown, organic produce for a reasonable price.

We get a harvest garden without having to do the maintenance or deal with the over-abundance that can so frequently go to waste in a small single-family garden

The organization gets access to land without having to buy it.

We promote community, sharing, and better use of urban space.

It’s an awesome idea and I hope you will think about it for your community, or look to see if you already have something like it where you are.

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I love the idea of loaning out your backyard in exchange for a little produce. We’re going to try raised beds this year and some containers. It’s a short growing season here due to the elevation. We’ll cross our fingers that our schedule doesn’t kill the plants.

Comment by Karen

The local farming group has only just gotten back to us about working a plot in our backyard, so we’ve planted our own section ourselves, and will see how organized the back-yard farmers get this year. The organization is run by students, and sometimes they are, well, student-y.
Stay tuned for garden updates. I’ll post pics later this week.

Comment by stylocycle

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