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For the Pashley Riding Grad Student
April 27, 2010, 6:49 pm
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My dear spouse just phoned me from his office to find out if we would be riding home together after work. Nope! I have the freedom of doing my own thing and I’ll be stopping off, meeting a friend for coffee on my way home. I love having my own wheels!

Anyway, in the course of our conversation, DS told me that he’d met a grad student outside the campus library, and that Grad Student was riding a Pashley — probably the only Pashley in town. Hey, Grad Student: I’d love a photo of you riding your Pashley around town!

Anyway, I heard that Grad Student had had some trouble finding someone to properly service the Pashley gears. My understanding is that the folks at Braun Cycle can help you out.

Good luck!

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Hi there! The bike’s a Princess, but Grad Student is actually a guy. No photos of me riding around town yet, but I do have a photo of the Pashley from when it was still new and shiny.

Thanks for the pointer, though a post on adjusting Sturmey-Archer hubs has already guided me to a fully-operational bike.

There seems to be minimal awareness around here of the existence of bikes made for relaxed city riding, or people doing such a thing. I’m thinking a tweed ride (with some media and bike store hoopla) might not be a bad idea….

Comment by Michael Druker

Welcome, Mike!
That’s a super-gorgeous bike… and if only I had room for another bike in my life I’d surely have one just like it…

I think a tweed ride sounds like a fantastic idea… I have some friends with city bikes/cruisers, and they happen to have very sweet (if not precisely tweedy) fashion sensibilities…

I know of one other Batavus rider besdies we two in the city, no other Pashley riders except for yourself, and I know there’s a super-tricked out Electra (that looks much like a classic Opa or Fryslan) around town, ut I’ve not yet seen it on the road. And in the neighbourhood where I live there is a fantastic elderly woman who rides around on a pale yellow Norco cruiser… she has great fashion-sense and seems to use her bike for all kinds of practical things. I love to see her whiz past my place, going to-and-fro.

I have no idea if Critical Mass would yield a few more tweedy folks, but I think the last Friday of the month is this week. Maybe I’ll try to find out who else is trying to live life in the slower lane.

Comment by stylocycle

If I can figure out when/where to find Critical Mass, I’ll try to come out this week, and see whether there might also be a critical mass of “slow bicyclists” with practical bikes. Maybe tweed would be too arty — it could well be a more inclusive “cycle chic” / Amsterdam ride.

Comment by Michael Druker

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