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May 20, 2010, 2:29 pm
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So… we went to our local city hall information session on cycling infrastructure last night.

Here’s what I learned:

Every 10 years, the city will engage a new planning mission. About 1/10th of the planning recommendation will be implemented. Implementation will take 10 years (or more).

Older men (60+) are so proud of the fact that they are out doing long-haul leisure riding that they won’t let anyone else speak.

Which means:

The planners and engineers hired by the city hear A LOT about how MR so-and-so and his avid cyclist cronies want a trail from here to HAMILTON! and even though us daily riders try to get the message across, they really don’t hear us saying, “Look, the railbed trail is *great* for seasonal riding, but it’s not cleared in winter, and we need better winter riding options if you want to see more people riding more often.”

Nope, the dudes in the orange-X vests with their tour-de-France helmets dominate the floor, and cut anyone else off.

My only consolation?

That trail to Hamilton will certainly never be completed in time for them to use it.


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Most importantly, write down your comments and hand them in (or email them). Don’t worry so much about who speaks loudest at an information session. I’d also encourage you to speak at the official public meetings at City Council.

Comment by Michael Druker

Yup… I wrote my stuff down. We had another meeting at city hall back-to-back with that one, and I’ve found that it’s much like departmental meetings: lots of people like just to have their voices reckoned with, even if they’re rather off the plot.

Comment by stylocycle

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