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Week-end in the city
July 25, 2010, 8:21 pm
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It rained this week.

This understatement fails to capture he great torrential rivers of rain that came down.

I didn’t have time to check it out, but my mum called to tell me that on Friday there was video of folks canoeing down Guelph Street in Kitchener. So yeah: it really, really rained.

Some of the rain pooled in what used to be the egress point from the root cellar, and eventually made its way in under the old door. I guess that’s going to have to be bricked up lest we have such a torrential rain again.

Anyway, I’m allergic to mould, and it’s been a really wet summer, so Dear spouse spent the wk-end in the root cellar, washing down walls, removing cabinets that had soaked the water up into them, and spraying the walls with a fungicide to kill the mould. I spent the week-end stripping 60+ years worth of paint from the main stairs and took it right down to the walnut boards. Eventually we will refinish the stairs in a traditional, natural stain, dark treat with white risers. It may take a few *years* before we do it because I don’t want to get rid of the stair runner while the teenager is still in the house (it softens his step in mid-night wanderings).
So: we gardened, and I wrote (not enough — have to finish a chapter today); we did home maintenance, and Dear Spouse helped the neighbours put a new roof on their garage…

We are exhausted, and have had no time to go biking at all.


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