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Not much ging on; too much going on.
September 24, 2010, 7:19 pm
Filed under: around town

I’ve been madly busy, and I haven’t had much to say other than “riding my bike in beautiful weather is great fun”.

I don’t much care for how I look in photographs these days, and I’m rather shy about asking anyone else to be photographed on their bikes for the blog.

Also: the photo uploader for wordpress is, as they say, ‘teh sux’. I’m tired of spending ages uploading photos, catpitoning them, titling them and having the resulting series appear to have been mounted by a squirrel on crack.

I will say that it’s very nice to see that 3 fairly close neighbours are all riding around on city bikes, and that I really apprecaite having a new friend in town who does things by bike, and meets me on her bike. It’s just a nice way to get around.

I’m a bit disappointed that the hub gears ob Dear Spouse’s Fryslan have gone already, but we understand they are under warantee, so we are waiting for the bike to come out of the shop. Anyone else out there had trouble with SRAM hub gears? Mine are doing just fine after 3 winters and being parked outside year round, but DS’s blew a few weeks ago on an ordinary ride home. Some bolt came flying off and the wheel came to an immediate halt… he took the bike in for repairs, and it came back seeming OK, but bit the dust a few days after that.

We don’t know if the second problem results from a bike shop that doesn’t really know what to do with Dutch bikes, or if it’s true — as the fellas at the shop claim — that SRAM hubs aren’t that great.

Anyway, it’s time to take my bike in for maintenance to get it ready for winter riding — which will come soon enough, even though today was 31 degrees C.

Other than twice annual tune-ups, though, I have had to spend very little on the bike.