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Promises, promises
November 30, 2010, 4:34 pm
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Yes, I know: my blogging rate has been completely sucktastic for the last little while.

It’s been a wretched term, dears. I had 3 major projects due within an 8 week span and it made me crazy. 2 weeks prior to the deadline my computer, my ipad and two ipods were stolen right outta the house. Bye bye audio data from interviews with families (encrypted, thank god). Bye bye photo collection. Bye bye music library (except for what was saved on my one remaining ipod). Bye bye years 2004-2010 course developments, research libraries etc (all on a freshly burned back-up DVD that was in the drive bay when the machine was stolen).

In short, I barely had time to breathe to recover my projects; blogging died on the vine.

Insurance will replace the hardware but that does not even begin to replace what was lost. Aaaand… we have to wait eons for the insurance to pay out. Arg.

Anyway, I promise — really I do — that I’ll start writing more regularly. I was reminded of the need to spread the word about riding as a daily activity when one of my grad students told me that I have a ‘super cool bike’. He and I agreed that the sight of it just spreads the joy.

So… even though it’s a dreary day out there, I’m going to find my warm rain-coat, throw on my sugoi tights under my dress, and head out to work in a few minutes. It may be a damp ride, but along the way I’ll grab a really nice latte from my favourite shop, and I’ll arrive at my office in easy time for my consultation hours. If I’m lucky Dear Spouse will be able to meet me for the ride at he end of the day, and we will hum “Les bicyclettes de Belsize” while we pedal our way through the glistening lights of early evening in early winter.