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February 14, 2011, 9:29 pm
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I’m not a big product plugger.

However, if you need a versatile pant that can take you from yoga to your bike to the office to a hike… (or whatever blend of professional and outdoorsy you want to make in a single day), then I really can’t say enough good things about Lolë’s ‘dress pants’. I love the comfort of the cut, the zippered flat pockets, the special internal pocket for things like rings or other small jewelry items that can get in the way, the fabric… and the price. I love that they repel water and operate as a nice windbreak in colder weather, and I love that once I’m in the office nobody is any the wiser to the fact that I may have just come from a ride (like today) through a combination of salty slush and wet rain, or from a yoga class.


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Do you have a name of the style of Lole pants you are describing as their dress pant? Thanks

Comment by Jean McKeough

There you go, Jean! I wear a nice blouse and jacket with these and nobody realises I’ve just come into the office from my bike.


Comment by stylocycle

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