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Every year… new academic year
September 21, 2011, 10:49 pm
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…when September rolls around I listen to David Sylvian, but this year I forgot to do it. I was busy, preoccupied…
Today is a rainy, very fall-kind-of-day, and it would be a very good day to listen to Sylvian sing his short refrain about September being here again, but we’re 2/3 of the way through and so it seems a little absurd to be heralding the arrival of a month that is on its way out.
My step-dad died on the 11th, only a few short hours after I’d written my last entry. We were with him when he went, and the night was clear, with bright stars and a warm wind; it was a good night for travel.
We all miss him. I still feel inclined to call my mum to see how Tom is doing, but then I remember the answer.
I’ve decided to use the tools that he gave us to build a proper standing desk for myself… something white and clean-lined and spare. I’m not sure if it’s feasible but I aim to build it in the basement over the course of the winter. I need to begin by drawing up the plans.
What else?
Twice some random person (I presume in a state of drunken inspiration) has tried to take one of our bikes from the side yard where they are locked up. I am happy to report that they have given up their efforts after no more than about 50 feet, finding the steel wheel locks entirely too impossible to get through to bother with the effort. Nonetheless, rather bored by retrieving them from the sidewalk, we’ve had to take to chaining the bikes to our fence. I did, however, manage to find a nice cable lock that is easy to use, and can be made longer or shorter as needed.
One of the things I really enjoy about September is that I start riding purposefully again, and that means I’m on my bike *more* in the academic year than I am in the summer (when I hang out at home more). Having a lock that is easy to use means I’m a lot less grumpy about getting out the door and onto the road than I used to be when I had to find a place to store a clunky U-lock, or a ridiculously cumbersome coiled lock.
Yay for refinement of a good idea. Check out Knog cable locks (especially as a supplemental lock because you know that you can rely on a good wheel lock and a heavy bicycle to be added impediments to the theft of your beloved).


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