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I have a new post brewing
June 12, 2010, 9:54 pm
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…it’s jsut that I’m having some trouble inserting the collection of 30 or so photos from my recent travels to Brussels, Utrecht and Amsterdam.

In the meanwhile, however, I do want to share that i was simply thrilled when the newly minted PhD whose successful defence we were celebrating received the funds to buy herself a new Dutch bike of her choice. The candidate, now Herr Dr. E., will be buying her new bike next week when she returns to attend the defence of one of her peers at Utrecht. I’ve made Herr Dr. E. promise to send me a photo or several of her commuting around Weimar, where she now holds her first post-doctoral job.

Anyway, just as soon as I have some patience, I’;; figure out how to get those photos properly loaded here.
UNtil then, I’ll leave you with the encouraging words of my dear spouse who observed today when we were forced to use the car for an errand on the other side of town (and which involved carting big stuff): “You know, I really don’t even like driving anymore since I’ve become a daily cyclist.”